Students support mechanisms are an attempt to bring out the best in every student and give them an ecosystem in which thrive towards their full potential.

Student Support is initiated even before the aspiring student becomes a part of the SCMHRD family. This is done through the admission team which undertakes “MBA Jam” activity. This activity is aimed to help aspirants prepare for SNAP test. The SNAP test is conducted in December every year.

The induction week is designed in a manner which helps students understand various processes at the institute and bond with other fellow students. The activities during induction week include Out Bound Learning, sessions by Director, Campus Administrator, Art of Living (AoL) workshop, sessions on evolving careers in various functions, session on substance abuse etc. The first semester for MBA is dedicated toward focusing on Business Literacy. Students select their specialization and electives during the second semester. Before selecting electives, the Head of the Department of each department conducts session on electives offered and briefs the students about the subject details. Based on the selected specialization, students proceed to second semester. The summer internship project with industry is mandatory for course completion and is based on their selected specialization.

The institute takes additional efforts to support the progression of international students (scie) and student who need an additional effort to learn towards degree completion. Additional remedial sessions by faculty members are arranged to assist the students understand the subjects thoroughly. Apart from this, students have faculty mentors who guide them on any issues that they might be encountering.

As stated earlier, students get an overview of career options during the first few weeks. Subsequently they get guidance during choice of electives. During summer internship they validate their choice. SCMHRD supports students in making appropriate career choices through various initiatives like Kolb’s learning style test, guest lectures by industry and subject experts, strong interest inventory, etc. Group of students is allotted a dedicated faculty mentor, whom they can approach and seek guidance from.

There are 14 student driven committees and 1 club which organizes various events throughout the Academic Year. During this period, students get an opportunity to actively participate in numerous events organized throughout the span of two years. Such activities provide experiential learning in team work, communication, project management and negotiation. clubs and committee

Happiness Program initiated for members to share their moments of vulnerability without fear of being judged or identity revealed. Series of guest lectures from Industry on psychological well-being at workplace are conducted. Sessions on Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness are also regularly conducted. There is a dedicated professionally qualified counsellor on campus available for mental and emotional support of the students. Any intervention session conducted are kept strictly confidential. The Symbiosis International University also has the Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Well-being which relentlessly strives towards extending support to students. (SCEW)

Apart from all this, SCMHRD conducts psychometric assessments through internationally valid and reliable tools to develop an understanding of self in students. Through these interventions, students are supported in understanding their strengths and made aware of the areas of development. All this brings in a sense of self efficacy and confidence in students. The value of collaboration and team spirit is not just preached about but is also practiced by students who go through these interventions at SCMHRD.

SCMHRD is the first Institute in India which has been certified by CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute for its curriculum being aligned with the curriculum of CFA. The institute offers subject related mentoring and support to CFA aspirants and many of them qualify the CFA exam. Some of our students are also trained by professionals from PMI. Students also qualify for the PMI or APICS certifications.

SCMHRD students attend summer and winter school in universities outside India. This provides them with a great international exposure. The internationalization process at the institute is derived from the internationalization process of the university. Symbiosis Center of International Education (SCIE) is instrumental in establishing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with universities worldwide. The MoUs with universities have a provision of summer school, winter school and semester exchange.
Sports committee organizes sports events, grooming and selecting the best players in different sports disciplines who represent SCMHRD across tournaments held during the year. SCMHRD students have won multiple sports competitions and tournaments in different cities.  clubs and committee

SCMHRD students regularly win awards in national/ international competitions; SCMHRD students have participated and won multiple prestigious business competitions, B-school events, sports events etc. The institute take pride in sponsoring students to represent SCMHRD at the national and international forums. (student achievement tab)

SCMHRD provides placement support to students to realize its mission i.e. to develop continuously employable human resource. The Placement Process at SCMHRD is driven by Faculty members and the Corporate Relations Team assisted by the Placement Coordinator under the guidance of The Director. Students get industry exposure through various initiatives such as Leadership Series by industry experts, Summer internship projects with companies, Live Project where students work on live business issues faced by organizations to name a few. A significant part of the placement process is the corporate competitions rolled out by organizations. In an initiative known as “ACE” (Aspire, Conquer and Excel) faculty members and alumni conduct mock sessions on Group Discussion, Personal Interview, Case Study to name a few. In Leadership Series- Senior leaders across various sectors visit the campus during a week for Panel Discussions, sessions on various topics etc. For Summer Internship and final placements, the students take guidance sessions from faculty members. For this process, the Corporate Relations Team (CRT) and the Faculty Coordinators conduct Online Assessment (Proctored & Unproctored), Group Discussions, Case Studies post which students are selected for further rounds of Personal Interview either on campus or over call with Head of the Business. Many alumni, who are well placed in the industry, have maintained relations with their alma mater through guest lectures. This has helped boost their engagement with SCMHRD and also helped SCMHRD tap into its extensive alumni network for a symbiotic relationship. The CRT and the Alumni organize events round the year, ensuring opportunities for learning beyond the prescribed curriculum