Odyssey – A Confluence of Thoughts, 2023

The Guest Lecture Team at SCMHRD recently conducted Odyssey – A Confluence of Thoughts, its annual flagship event, on the 2nd and 3rd of November, 2023, that seamlessly blended the realms of industry insight and student engagement, delivering on its promise. Themed around ‘Navigating the Digital Transformation Wave: Strategies for Industry 4.0 Success’, the event, a fusion of offline and online sessions, showcased four-panel discussions and a fireside chat, featuring 19 dynamic guest speakers from diverse industries.

The inaugural panel was graced by experts namely Mr. Vishesh Sharma, CMO, Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, Mr. Bhaskar Roy, Client Partner APAC, Fractal Analytics, Ms. Priyanka Arora, VP of Marketing, Max Life Insurance, and Mr. Rahul Dhingra, Head of Marketing, Brinton Pharmaceuticals, who set the stage for insightful discussions. Attended by the director, deputy director, esteemed faculty, and students, the auditorium buzzed with an ambiance of shared curiosity. Subsequent online sessions, featured experts such as Mr. Charanjit Attra, Group COO, Jio Financial Services, Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Lead HR, Boehringer Ingelheim, Mr. Yogesh Sarin, Director, Supply Chain-South Asia, Dell, and Mr. Prashant Tathe, Head, Divisional Sourcing Group, Thermax Limited, to name a few, who continued the exploration of the digital landscape. The concluding panel discussion, held on a Friday evening, featuring Mr. Saral Gupta, Director of Business Analytics and Insights at Pfizer, and Mr. Suresh Kumar Reddy Akepati, CDO and Intelligent Automation Leader at GE Power Conversion, among others, was a vibrant exchange of ideas that provided a charged finale to Odyssey.

Throughout the event, students drew valuable insights, emphasizing the profound importance of adaptability and knowledge in the dynamic landscape of Industry 4.0. The event consistently emphasized fostering innovation, responsibly leveraging AI, and embracing continuous learning. It served as a reminder of the job market’s dynamic nature, urging participants to stay agile and relevant.

Odyssey 2023 was not just a confluence of thoughts; it was a compass guiding our students toward excellence in the digital era, urging all participants to chart their course with newfound wisdom and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry evolution.

Introductory panel – Guest speakers with the Director, Deputy Director, faculties, and students.

Introductory panel – Bhaskar Roy, Priyanka Arora, Dr. M. A Sanjeev, Vishesh Sharma, Rahul Dhingra

Concluding Panel – Guest speakers with the Director, Deputy Director, faculty, and students.

Concluding Panel – Suresh Kumar Reddy Akepati, Vijoy Basu, Dr. Manish Sinha, Saral Gupta, Ashish Nene