Inspiro 2023

Day 1

Inspiro 4.0: A Resounding Success in Shaping the Future of Consulting

The Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell at SCMHRD proudly announces the successful conclusion of Day 1 of Inspiro 4.0, a landmark event that brought together thought leaders, industry experts, and an engaged audience to explore the dynamic landscape of consulting.

Inspiro 4.0 was honored to host a distinguished panel of industry titans:




🔹Preetesh Singh,SeniorManagerat NomuraResearchInstitute(linkedin)

Each guest shared invaluable insights and experiences, providing a comprehensive view of the consulting world and leaving an indelible mark on the event’s success.

Moderated by Dr. Dipasha Sharma, Associate Faculty at SCMHRD, the panel discussions delved into topics ranging from adaptive leadership and client collaboration to ethical considerations in consulting. Ms. Sharma’s expert moderation added depth and dynamism to the conversations, making each session an engaging exploration of the consulting landscape.

Inspiro 4.0 experienced robust audience engagement, reflecting the dynamic and inquisitive nature inherent to the consulting mindset. The event’s success was underscored by the thoughtful inquiries and interactive discussions, cultivating a professional and collaborative learning atmosphere. The event explored themes critical to the consulting industry, including:

  • InnovationandStability:StrikingaPositiveBalance
  • Client-CentricInnovationandHumanImpact
  • EthicalConsiderationsinConsulting
  • StrategiesforSustainableConsulting

As a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, Inspiro 4.0 sets the stage for future enriching sessions. SCMHRD remains committed to shaping the future of consulting through collaborative insights, continuous learning, and a positive approach to industry challenges.

Day 2


Scaling Startups: Pathways to success

Inspiro 4.0 was honored to host a distinguished panel of industry titans:

🔹Mr.SandeepMukherjee,Co-founderand COOatB:Live


🔹Mr. Rohit Dubepatil, Director of OrahNutrichem Pvt. Ltd.

🔹Mr. Koustubh Rajapandhare, Founder Aleta Technologies


Moderated by Ms. ShonaliAdvani, Brand and Marketing Consultant.

Esteemed leaders from diverse industries shared valuable insights in a dynamic panel discussion.The session explored the evolution of the EV market, emphasizing sustainable digital solutions. Discussions delved into recruitment strategies in rural areas, promoting curiosity and impactful contributions. A human-centric approach to scaling up startups and the significance of mental health in the workplace were highlighted. The importance of learning spaces, efficient work methods, and diverse extracurricular activities for candidates were discussed. The panel advised students to understand problems profoundly and emphasized the value of a visionary mindset. The event explored themes critical to the entrepreneurship, including:

  • CollaborationofDigitalizationandSustainability
  • ImportanceofDigitaltransformation
  • TalentmanagementinStartups
  • AddressingdisruptionsinscalingupofStartups

The Day-2 of Inspiro 4.0 concluded with a Q&A session, enriching the overall knowledge-sharing experience. As a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, this entrepreneurship panel discussion sets the stage for future enriching sessions.

SCMHRD remains committed to shaping the aspiring entrepreneurs through comprehensive mentorship programs, fostering innovation ecosystems that encourage collaborative problem-solving, providing access to cutting-edge technologies and industry networks, and instilling a resilient mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth.

Summary of Day -2:

A wealth of insights was shared by esteemed panelists, leaders across diverse industries. Discussions encompassed crucial topics such as sustainability, digital transformation, scaling up, handling disruptions, and the expectations placed on students.

Mr. Sandeep Mukherjee provided valuable insights into the evolution of the EV market, transitioning from EV tourism to EV solution platforms. Emphasizing digital transformation, he highlighted the importance of developing sustainable digital solutions, citing examples like Point of Sales machines. Additionally, Mr. Mukherjee encouraged students to pursue their passions in their careers.

Mr. Keerthi Kadam delved into recruitment strategies in rural areas, where his company focuses on creating awareness about digital processes and demonstrating technology usage, such as digital banking. He stressed that companies are eager to invest in individuals with curiosity, capable of creating significant impacts.

Mr. Rohit Dubepatil advocated for a human-centric approach in scaling up startups. He emphasized the significance of talent management and maintaining the mental health of employees, referring to the Human Resources Department as the “Human Kindness Department.” Mr. Dubepatil also urged aspiring entrepreneurs to approach problem-solving with creativity.

Mr. Koustubh Rajepandhare underscored the importance of providing learning space for employees. Rather than extended working hours, he recommended teaching efficient work methods. Companies, he noted, value candidates with diverse extracurricular activities,

highlighting their ability to handle pressure. He also endorsed the use of case study-based interviews to assess critical thinking abilities.

Mr. Gautam Shiknis advised students to develop a profound understanding of problems. He expressed a preference for young Indian students with the right attitude and passion for business, emphasizing the desirability of candidates with a visionary mindset. Additionally, Mr. Shiknis recommended that aspiring entrepreneurs excel in the art of selling, particularly in raising funds from customers and accelerators, while aligning with the country’s net-zero targets.

The panel discussion concluded with panelists addressing various questions posed by students, contributing to an overall conference of knowledge and wisdom.