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Entrepreneurship and Consulting Development: E-CON Cell

Entrepreneurship and Consulting Development: E-CON Cell

Established in 2005, in association with the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), Centre of Excellence – Entrepreneurship Development at SCMHRD is responsible for facilitating entrepreneurship and consulting skills and knowledge to the students. Entrepreneurship and Consulting subjects are part of the core curriculum for the MBA batch which helps the students:

  • To develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • To appraise the entrepreneurial process starting with pre-venture stage
  • To get acquainted about the practical aspects of starting a company
  • To select models for venture creation
  • To get acquainted with different consulting models accepted by the Big 4s

This Centre is also responsible for the student E-CON cell (Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell), which organizes entrepreneurship and consulting workshops, guest lectures, live projects and business plan contests. Students are providing guidance and are mentored by the E-CON Cell to participate and are helped to showcase their business, strategic and consulting ideas and win in these contests in and outside the campus.

Various initiatives and activities of E-CON Cell include:

Live Projects

In an attempt to increase exposure of the students to the current trends in the industry and also to increase industry-academia interaction, the entrepreneurship and consulting cell actively collaborates with well-established start-ups and organizations to involve students with short term live projects offered by these organizations. In the last academic year, E-CON Cell floated more than 40 Live Projects, engaging with 25 companies and benefitting more than 100 students as they gained hands-on practical experience and real-time business perspectives by working in industry-level projects.

These projects have been across various domains:

  • Human Resource
  • Market Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Analytics and Visualization
  • Consulting
  • GTM Strategy
  • Finance Modelling
  • Fund Generation
  • Business Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing

Lecture Series and Panel Discussions

Various guest lectures and panel discussions are organized to engage students in talks with industry leaders, start-up founders and veterans of consulting which provides an opportunity to know and understand the trends and happenings in real-world as well as connect the academic learning with the demand of industry. The flagship series and events of E-CON cell that have brought prominent companies onboard are listed below:

  • Leader’s Digest – Series of webinars to help build a sustainable and successful future guided by industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Paramarsh – Series of leadership talks that gives a glimpse into the world of consulting through the experience of industry leaders. 
  • Inspiro – Series of panel discussions to facilitate the understanding of the changing dynamics in management consulting and the innovations shaping the future through interactions with industry stalwarts and successful entrepreneurs.


The flagship event of Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell of SCMHRD conducted every year includes several events including:

  • The Golden Pitch – National Level Flagship B-Plan competition where students get to demonstrate and bring their B-Plans to life.
  • CaseStrat – A National Level Case Study Competition
  • Mzakrat – Panel discussions with industry veterans coming together for a 360* conversation
  • E-talks – Students interacting with entrepreneurs who have carved out their own path in the industry sharing their success journey
  • Golden Strat – A boardroom event where teams got the chance to be taken up CXO positions and work on business problem
  • Wildfyre – It focused on fictional characters introducing a new product into the universe as a startup idea
  • Masterclass – An immersive online experience which gives students an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

Entrepreneurship and Consulting Dairies 

Engagement posts showcasing unique attributes with different consulting and startup companies.

Consulting Book

A dossier comprising of consulting concept, models, guestimates, ace the case concepts, interview processes, frameworks required to start a career in Consulting.

The Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell (E-CON) of SCMHRD has the most unique offering for all the entrepreneurs and students. SCMHRD has always believed in enabling a platform for new ideas and ventures that can solve the problems of today’s society.

E-CON has been in collaboration with SCEI (Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) for various incubation opportunities.

The E-CON Cell actively connects with the Alumni of SCMHRD who are Entrepreneurs and are in consulting domain. The E-CON Cell draws these Alumni to the campus and enables a dynamic interaction and sharing of experiences of their Entrepreneurial and consulting journey of success and hardship with the batch of MBA students regularly.

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