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The Debate Society (DebSoc) at SCMHRD stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to fostering holistic discussions and nurturing the comprehensive development of the students. Through the provision of an engaging and dynamic platform for honing communication skills, the Debate Society DebSoc aims to equip the students with the essential tools to excel not only in their academic endeavors but also in their future careers as proficient communicators, adept leaders, and influential changemakers within the global business arena. By cultivating an environment conducive to the development, practice, and refinement of communication abilities, the Debate Society DebSoc endeavors to instill in students, their confidence, eloquence, and critical thinking prowess necessary to thrive in diverse professional settings and make meaningful contributions to society. The ONLY club at SCMHRD – DebSoc aims to create an “informational harmony” between all college students – irrespective of their committee affiliations or and diverse backgrounds. 


DebSoc has had the privilege of conducting numerous events to rejuvenate the spirit of effective communication and knowledge as follows: 

  • conWINce – The inaugural intra-college debate event on burning issues and current affairs, aimed to channelize competition and honor top speakers 
  • Words of Wisdom – The specialized annual writing competition to identify and appreciate true content writers and creative writing skills
  • Hear Me Out! – weekly open discussions and casual debates on management and business issues
  • Symposium – guest lectures on importance of communication in corporate careers and personal growth
  • Communique – specialized workshops to train the juniors on sharpening their communication skills and critical thinking
  • Shakti – our flagship debate competition on International Women’s Day discussing women issues and finding possible solutions

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Senior Team 2023-2025:

Siddharth Bansal

Nishant Hirlekar

Monika Das

Lenkalapelli Balaji

Harshada Doifode

Ankita Sethi

Aditi Sharma

Abhishek Iyer