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The Sports Committee of Symbiosis Centre of Management and Human Research Development (SCMHRD) works towards improving the sports environment in the institution by encouraging students’ participation in various sports tournaments, organizing inter and Intra College sports meets and various other activities. Our aim is:

  • To foster participation and synergy with various B-Schools in India

  • To improve visibility and name of the institute

  • To encourage and motivate our students to participate

  • To showcase sporting talent of SCMHRD

Sports Committee is formed with an intention and motive of enhancing the sports activities of SCMHRD. Sports committee is responsible for not only organizing events for SCMHRD but also are responsible for selecting the best players in different sports who will be representing SCMHRD in different SIU tournament held during the year. Besides these, the committee also ensures that students and active and have good physical and mental health which helps them to bring the best of their capabilities in different fields of their life.

Every year an internal event is organized named as “War of Divisions” where all the different sections of both the batch battles in different sports held over 15 days in and outside the premises of campus. The best division are awarded the running trophy with certificates to all the winners in the individual and team event. The motive behind organizing this event is to uphold the sportsman spirits amongst the students for not only people involved in playing but for all those who are cheering for their respective team. We represent the college in different invitation tournaments which are organized by other college as SIBM Pune, IIM Udaipur, IIM Ahmedabad etc. SCMHRD Sports committee also ensures that international students represent their respective nation in the international tournaments organized by Symbiosis International University.

Mask Group 192268

Aishwarya Dabhade

Mask Group 192269

Alice Priyanka Kulla

Mask Group 192272

Anshu Mishra

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Nagisha V

Mask Group 192328

Nidhi Joshi

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Sanwal Uppal

Mask Group 192335

Shashank Kamble

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Varun Vellanki

Mask Group 192332

Vishwajeet Yadav

Mask Group 192267

Aaditya Kawade

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Chirag Malik

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Awdesh Shukla

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Harshith Balasubramanian

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Lalruatpuia Khiangte

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M B S Aditya

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Milind Goplani