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Media And PR Cell

Media And PR Cell

Serving as the team who manages the doorway of SCMHRD to the outside world, the Media and Public Relations (MPR) Cell is responsible for handling the brand equity of the college. Capturing moments to last forever with its arsenal state-of-the-art equipment, the MPR team is the college’s in-house content generation powerhouse. Parallelly the committee is also responsible for public relations of various events, for both internal and external publications.

The committee is responsible for media planning and creating engagement with the industry and corporate event launches. Working in collaboration with the other committees of the college, MPR does the coverage and documentation of all events, festivals, and celebrations at SCMHRD and publishes the promotional content on various social media platforms. Content is generated for all important events, placement reports, corporate interaction, internship experiences, and PPO stories. Also, the MPR team is responsible for digital marketing initiatives in the form of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, and content curation. The MPR team acts as a consulting body to all stakeholders for maintaining and improving the brand image of SCMHRD.

The MPR team takes charge of documenting all interactions of the college with various corporates, esteemed alumni and behemoths of the industry. It is then broadcasted through various social media handles of SCMHRD namely LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, thus bridging the gap between industry and academia.

Although the committee bears the mantle of an integral duty, it does not believe in compromising on fun and frolic. The committee blends fun with work where one can hone their skills in photography, videography, content writing and designing. It believes in nurturing the inherent creativity in every individual and spurs them to come up with the most effective strategies and eccentric ideas.


Soumyabrata Roy


Anjali Pathak


Aditya Singh


Sayam Gupta


Bhavin Bhokan


Md Shariq Hussain


Sahana Kanungo


Harshita Shrivastava


Anshul Aggarwal


Anisha kewalia


Abhishek Trivedi


Kartik vishnoi


PSN Narasimha


Muskan Sharma


Navdeep Singh

M B S Aditya

M B S Aditya


Vandita Singh