Induction -2024

A Warm Welcome: SCMHRD Induction Ceremony 2024

The SCMHRD family came together to warmly welcome the incoming batch of 2024 in an induction ceremony that was both inspirational and heartwarming. The eventset the stage for an exciting academic journey ahead. Here’s a glimpse of the highlights from the event.

Dr.Sushas kicked off the formal Induction event, Diksharambh, with great enthusiasm, setting an inspirational tone from the very beginning. His infectious energy immediately captivated everyone in attendance. He emphasized the importance of Indian leaders such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj well suiting the day of “Shivswaraj Diwas,” and highlighted the competitive edge Indian CEOs possess due to their higher education, diversity, teamwork, people skills, and learning from the Indian cultural heritage.

Following the lighting of the auspicious lamp, symbolizing the transition from ignorance to the light of knowledge, Prof. Dr. Netra Ganesh Neelam, our director, took the stage. She provided an insightful overview of what the next two years at SCMHRD would entail. She articulated the mission of SCMHRD: to develop socially responsible, global business professionals through value-based education and experiential learning.

The director also celebrated the milestones SCMHRD has achieved, such as its rankings and recognition as one of the “top 10 unstoppable B-schools in India.” She highlighted the students’ outstanding achievements in live projects, competitions, events, and guest lectures, crediting these accomplishments to the diverse and dynamic student body. She maintained a realistic perspective by addressing the challenges ahead, emphasizing the importance of exams, discipline, and attendance. Her closing thought, “Our signatures should be autographs one day,” left everyone motivated.

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Symbiosis International University, welcomed us to the Symbiosis family. She elaborated on the global network of SCMHRD alumni who have achieved great heights. Dr.Yeravdekar spoke about the profound impact SCMHRD has on both professional and personal lives, encouraging us to interact with students from various schools under SIU. She emphasized diversity as SCMHRD’s strongest point, reminding us to make the best ofpeer to peer learning.

The tradition of having an SCMHRD alumnus as the chief guest continued with Mr. Nikhil Dwivedi, a notable actor and producer in the Indian film industry.  He has starred and featured in popular movies like My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves, Scam 1992, Shor in the City and many more. As director he boasts a creative catalogue too that includes movies like Dabaang 3.

Mr. Dwivedi’s address was a delightful blend of humor, meaningful anecdotes, and candid reflections on his journey. He shared his inspirational story of joining SCMHRD to achieve his dream of becoming an actor, describing the two years he spent here as the most transformative period of his life.

Mr. Dwivedi recounted his struggles and how the values and traits he gained at SCMHRD helped him overcome challenges. He emphasized the holistic development SCMHRD offers, impacting both professional and personal aspects of life. His heartfelt and engaging speech left us inspired and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

The ceremony concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Rajagopal. He beautifully echoed our sentiments, thanking the dignitaries, staff, and faculty. His best wishes for our journey at SCMRD were the perfect closing to an inspiring event.

The induction ceremony was the perfect start to our academic life, igniting our passion and excitement for the journey ahead. Here’s to a bright and successful future at SCMHRD!