Colloquium 2023

Day 1 (20 Nov, 2023) | Event 1:

Dr. Shivani Rai Gupta: Articulated the transformative impact of digitization on contemporary consumer behavior, underscoring the strategic importance of leveraging extensive data for precision in market strategies.
A.D.A. Ratnam: Emphasized the pivotal role of e-commerce and the consequential influence of accessible information on current consumer trends. Stressing the enduring significance of maintaining robust consumer connections.
Ragav Murthy: Highlighted the imperative of using information to curate personalized customer experiences. Additionally, encouraged entrepreneurial experimentation with evolving customer expectations.
Kailash Rana: Accentuated the critical role of technological advancements, particularly in the airline industry, advocating for innovation in applications and expeditious payment methods such as UPI.
Shashank Randev: Explored the evolution of marketing techniques, drawing attention to the enhanced efficiency and affordability inherent in digital channels.
Dr. Manish Sinha (Moderator): Steered the conversation with adept moderation, prompting insightful discussions and facilitating a comprehensive exploration of the technological landscape’s role in identifying and adapting to emergent consumer trends.

The discourse comprehensively delved into the technological landscape’s role in identifying and adapting to emergent consumer trends. It further addressed the challenges inherent in staying ahead, featuring a substantive contribution from student engagement, manifesting in real-world examples and innovative business strategies.

Day 2 (21 Nov, 2023) | Event 2:

Mr. Sunit Joshi (Moderator): Guided the discussion with adept moderation, introducing the evolving dynamics of data and currency. Focused on demystifying the topic and facilitating a comprehensive exploration of insights from each speaker.
Mr. Yashwant Reddy: Traced the evolutionary trajectory of analytics in India, elucidating its growth post-2012 and emphasizing the current imperative for data analytics.
Mr. Ashish Srivastava: Explored the dynamic shifts in analytics roles, offering practical exemplars of AI implementation. Articulated key facets of data management, underscoring its pivotal role in sectors such as health and finance.
Mr. Nitin Gupta: Shared sagacious insights from an extensive data career, highlighting the pivotal role of big data and cloud technology. Explored the nuanced evolution of AI within the payment industry.

The session concluded with Mr. Ashish articulating the paramount importance of problem-solving, curiosity, and concept building. Anticipate further enlightenment in forthcoming sessions!

Day 2 (21 Nov, 2023) | Event 3:

Ms. Swati Jain: Shared perspectives on adaptive strategies and vulnerability awareness during accelerated digital adoption.
Mr. Rohit Gawale: Discussed the role of employee upskilling and the calculated risks of innovation for informed decision-making.
Mr. Shammi Dua: Provided expert insights on effective communication, employee well-being, and organizational preparedness.
Ms. Nimisha Singh (Moderator): Guided by the adept moderation of Ms. Nimisha Singh, the panel delved into key insights—from adaptive strategies to effective communication in the era of social media.